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Nowadays, having access to information is one of the greatest riches. The evolution and the emergence of new technologies make that many objects are connected, whether for a fun or assistance purpose. This is how the most used tools of today’s society, from vehicles to watches, are increasingly connected and go further and further in the field of information provided.

One can then wonder why start an already developed sector of activity? Is there anything left to exploit?

In today’s society, where social differences exist, sport remains one of the few areas where people from different backgrounds come together. Passionate football, the idea of connecting a shin guard simply came to me in the spring of 2015, after attending a Classico most memorable. This element of the equipment of the players, whose wearing is mandatory in the practice of football – because it is essential to the protection of the physical integrity – particularly attracted my attention. I quickly saw a major asset for the practice and evolution of this sport so well rooted in tradition.

The aim of this project was to propose an innovative product that would be much more than a simple tool for collecting personal data, but whose functions could also bring a more collective dimension. Objective that was realized not long ago by the creation of a prototype tested by some Swiss amateur teams.

With this document, I propose you to discover the connected shin guard, its characteristics, as well as the results obtained during the test phases.

And yes! The connected shin guard is the new project to believe in. Join me in this adventure that will revolutionize the world of sport, and much more!

Founder of the SNK-Elite concept

Our product

As you can see, our project is based on development and marketing
Shin guards connected and personalized.

Nobody has done it so far. Indeed, the current market offers us a simple equipment, serving only for the protection of players.

SNK-Élite bases the success of its product by exploiting the shin guard to the maximum, and by integrating a chip as a central element.
This allows to collect a set of technical data related to the physical activity of its user.

This project will revolutionize the world of the most popular sport
and the most loved in the world!

Individual and collective statistics

The numerical data according to the indicators above contain the information sought. But can everyone understand and interpret them?

SNK-Elite goes so far as to allow a graphical visualization of the data collected by the chip. You will find, below, some examples of the most explicit:

Indivuduels statistics
Interpretation of the graph:

Here’s Bryan’s performance with the SNK-Elite Shin Guard. Our player knows now that his speed and strike force are up to par, but that his stamina can be further improved. It is on this aspect that he will focus his future training.

« The victory over you is the greatest of the victories. »
— Platon —

Collective statistics

Interpretation of the graph:

Here are the performance data of different players, collected during the same game.

We are looking for financial investment for market our concept.

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